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Java Programming

Students Will Learn:
  • Fundamental Elements of Programming
  • Structured Programming Techniques
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • The Java Development Kit
  • Java Language and Syntax
  • Classes, Objects ,Methods and Variables
  • Arrays and Data Structures
  • String Handling
  • Exception Handling
  • File Handling and Streaming
  • Socket Programming
  • Utility and Pattern Matching
  • Relational Database Management systems(RDBMS)
  • Databases and JDBC
  • Developing a GUI Using Swing

Course Description: This hands-on Java Programming course provides a practical oriented training in Java language. Students are entraining to the real world scenario to develop End to End and user interactive application programming using Java. The course emphasize on interactive sessions where students, led by the trainers having many years of practical experience as consultants in the industry will learn the topics by taking part in the sessions in a forum like discussions about the topic of the day rather than the trainer delivering a lecture to a bored audience as is the order of the day for most training classes. Classes are incremental which means each class takes off from where it was left from the previous day. Attending all classes is strongly advised. Its more advantage of Learning Java and it capability to get better career in IT Industry and Banking Sectors. There will be tests at the end of course and also has assignments on Java Course to empower student to understand better on Java Programming and advance skill to achieve application development by their own.

The Java Programming course covers the foundation of the Java language, those aspects of the language that will be used in every Java program. The topics covered in this course coincide with the topics on Oracle Java Programmer Certification Exam such as Object Oriented, distributed and data persisting application development. Java it's a technical language to enable any industry work flow model with rich User Interface components and utilities. Also the course is designed to leverage the participants' existing programming skills and to highlight the new and extended features of the Java programming framework as compared to other common languages. Comprehensive lab exercises provide hands on practice crucial to developing competence and confidence with the new skills being learned.

Course Prerequisites: Basics of Computer, Basic programming skills in a structured language. Knowledge and experience with Object-Oriented Concepts is helpful, but not mandatory.

Follow-up Courses: Java EE Web Application Development using JSP and Servlets , Web Application Development Using Spring, Hibernate, AJAX and Web Services, XML Programming.

JAVA Programming Course Overview

Raid On Java Overview
  • Know Oak tends to Java
  • Any Guess For SOP Vs OOP (Structure Oriented Program and Object Oriented Program)
  • JDK Fighting with JRE (JDK, JRE, API, Compilation and Execution, User Level Language & Machine Level Language)
  • JDK Fighting with JRE (JDK, JRE, API, Compilation and Execution, User Level Language & Machine Level Language)
  • Advantage on Using Java in Real World
  • First Install your JDK and JRE to know more
  • Set your Java environment variables(Path and ClassPath)
Success my First Program in Java
  • Classes, Methods, Main
  • Need to know my variables (Data Types, Array and its attributes)
  • Operate my variables by Operator Effectively
  • Practice Your Programming Skill
Constructor, Abstract and Encapsulate your Object
  • Basic to know Constructor for Instance
  • Abstract your class for specificity
  • Secure your Logic from Bad Inputs (Encapsulation)
  • Practice Your Programming Skill
Object Reusing On Inheritance
  • Do You Know what is Inheritance
  • Why we need Inheritance
  • Get to know Various Inheritance and its functionality
  • Interface your skills on Inheritance
  • Constructor on Inheritance
  • Practice Your Programming Skill
Enhance your Object in Many Forms
  • Feel free to understand Polymorphism and its types
  • Overload you object methods
  • Override your object methods
  • Constructor fall on Overload and override
  • Practice Your Programming Skill
Refresh your Knowledge on Basic Java
  • Get to refresh your Basic concepts in Java
  • Understand better to write programming with OOPs
  • Apply all Basic concepts with Real world
  • Practice Your Programming Skill
Access specifier and Modifier on Class, Methods and Variables
  • Package your class in one suit or module wise
  • Access your attributes from Public, Private, Protected
  • Identify Applicable of modifier on Class, Methods and variables
  • Practice Your Programming Skill
Exception and Error Prompting On your Program
  • Contribution of Exception Vs Error
  • Runtime Exception and Compile Time Exception
  • Try - Catch and Throws and Throwable
  • Fill Finally by your Try-Catch
  • User Defined Exception
  • Practice Your Programming Skill
Do constant, Static and Serialize and Transient your attributes and Objects
  • Define your first constant variable by Final
  • Apply Static on Variable, Methods, Class and Block
  • Serialize and De-Serialize your objects
  • Transient your attribute from Serialization
  • Practice Your Programming Skill
Build Your Programming Skill on Learning Basis
  • Try your Best Skill with Java OOPs and its possibilities Exception Handling
  • Apply your learned skill on Real world to become Proficient
  • Trick you brain on System or Application Programming with Java
Wrapper Variables, String Concepts
  • What to know in Wrapper Classes
  • Wrapper Vs Primitive Data Type with Auto Boxing
  • String to manipulate and it function
  • Mutable and Immutable with String, String Buffer Vs String Builder
  • Practice Your Programming Skill
Easy to Understand Files and its properties, with Date Concepts
  • Create your Files in System
  • Files and its properties
  • Date and Calendar Utility
  • Manipulate Various logic in System Files with Date
  • Practice Your Programming Skill
Continue to know Better understanding on Streaming Files
  • Read your First Data from Files by InputStream
  • Write your First Data to Files by Output Stream
  • Buffering your File by Buffer Stream
  • Appending your Data on File System
  • Practice Your Programming Skill
Perform your process on multithreading
  • Basic Threading on Java
  • Creating Threads on Different Way
  • Various States of Threads
  • Priority and Methods in Threads
  • Synchronize the object from multithreading
  • Practice Your Programming Skill
Write your processor with File Manipulation On Real World
  • How to apply the logic of Files in Real worlds
  • Get to know threading of Files in Real World process
  • Program your skill on Files with Custom
Brush your Brain with RDMS and SQL
  • Basics of Database Architecture and its purpose
  • Fundamental on SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Write SQL to define and admin your DB and its table
  • Write SQL to manipulate data in Table
  • Practice Your Programming Skill
Knowledge to Know PeerToPeer, Centralized Network on Sockets
  • Overview of Sockets
  • Access and Finding Network properties by net package
  • Write Simple Peer to Peer Socket Program
  • Writing centralized Server to Data Distribution
  • Practice Your Programming Skill
Distribute your object and execute logic on Remote computing
  • What it Remote Execution
  • Define your logic in Distributed Computing
  • Write your first Remote Interface and Implementation
  • Handle your Remote Exception
  • Practice Your Programming Skill
Utility and Collection in Java
  • Pattern Matching in Java
  • Collection and Dynamic Arrays for Advance Data Processing
  • Mapping Object with Key Identifier
  • Interator and Enumeration for Dynamic Array Extraction
Feel Free to Obtain User Interface
  • Rails on Swing
  • Frames, Panel and Internal Frame in Swing
  • Various Components in Java Swing
  • Creation my first User Interface on Java Swing
  • Practice Your Programming Skill
Step Your Java In Advance Connect
  • Digest Java on Core
  • Client Side Vs Server Side Components
  • Servlets on Overview
  • JSP On Overview